Disney Store’s Super Sale – Line Up of Must-Haves to buy now!

It’s time again, my friends! It’s Disney Stores semi-annual super sale where big discounts appear everywhere on the site! It’s time for the almost autumn sale!

Get up to 50% off everything Disney you love!!

Almost Autumn Sale

1. T-Shirts for (almost) free!

Need new t-shirts for the whole family? Find them at bottom prices of $12 for adult sizes and $8 for kids sizes! Click here to get the discounts!

2. Get Cozy for Fall!

Getting cozy for the fall? I have got to point out Disney Cruise Line’s adult bathroom, which is without a doubt the most comfortable, soft, luxurious robe you will find anywhere ever! I have it, I love it, it’s my favorite piece of clothing! And it’s 25% off right now! Click here to check it out!

3. Save now for Halloween!

Preparing for your Disney Halloween trip? Shop early and safe big now! You can accessorize with cruise attire before you trip and safe big, see here for one of my favorite Cruise Line hoodies, 25% off! You can also save big on Disney’s Halloween on the High Seas and fall cruises. We’ve done one and it was truly the best Halloween ever! Click here to check out great savings for Disney’s upcoming fall cruises sailing from New York!

Love Jack Skellington as you’re accessorizing for Halloween? Click here for 42% off! And save big on your Halloween costumes now!

4. Mugs for Christmas (or any time really)!

How about some really early Christmas shopping? Disney mugs are always a great idea! Now 40% off my girl favorites: Click here or here. And click here for my boy favorite at 62% off!!

5. It’s not too late for back to school!

Tons of backpacks are on sale! And here’s Christopher’s favorite lunch box! Star Wars fans watch out! And here’s my all-time favorite Mickey Mouse set, including backpack, lunch box, water bottle, and stationary supply kit at almost 50% off!

Happy shopping everyone! Let me know how much you saved when you’re done!

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